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My research interests can be listed as intelligent mobile robots, developmental robotics, cognitive robotics, computational neuroscience, multi-agent systems, robot soccer, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, and robot vision. My Ph.D. study was on developing a case-based mobile manipulation framework.


Tekin Mericli: Publications Classified by Research Category

Tekin Mericli's Publications

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Classified by Research Category

Learning from DemonstrationComputer VisionRobot VisionProbabilistic RoboticsSoftware EngineeringMulti-robot PlanningRobotics EducationRoboCupAutonomous VehiclesMachine LearningArtificial Neural NetworksReinforcement LearningFunctional ProgrammingMemory-based PlanningMotion PlanningManipulation PlanningCognitive RoboticsService RoboticsHuman-Robot Interaction

Learning from Demonstration

Computer Vision

Robot Vision

Probabilistic Robotics

Software Engineering

Multi-robot Planning

Robotics Education


Autonomous Vehicles

Machine Learning

Artificial Neural Networks

Reinforcement Learning

Functional Programming

Memory-based Planning

Motion Planning

Manipulation Planning

Cognitive Robotics

Service Robotics

Human-Robot Interaction

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